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We wish you a happy start into 2024, we are working off our backlog! 

We wish you a happy start into 2024, we are working off our backlog! 

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Updates this week! (16.09.2023)

16. 9. 2023

Hello all! I hope you are well, like a water well, cool and hydrated, on this warm summer week. We have been really busy, now back as a two (but I left again for a small few days off as I thought maybe I can take longer off than just 2 days in one year!) we have been busy packaging GMK stuff of all kinds and shapes, and I have been making sure that people are getting their warranty cases as it has been a month of many! GMK Daifuku is now in shipment GMK Terror Below Base Kit orders without Deskmats have been shipped, my colleague is shipping Novelty / INT orders without Base Kits now GMK Cluck is in shipment too JRIS75 is on the way to us QK100 is about to land at us, expect a tiny delay in shipping it all QK60 R2 extras are available CUB65 Extras are available QK100 Train will make its way shortly QK80 Train is to come anytime now really, it has been travelling the usual long time where things would come in so I hope it goes quick PBTFans Spark R2 has landed PBTFans Bank Account is landing in a bit! MW Heresy is on the way to us I believe in the batch with QK100 Air but I can not 100% confirm DOIO Pads (Megalodon) is close to being done, however MACHI Mats are delayed indefinitely now F*** Clones Deskmats are sadly being looked for now as we are unsure at what state they are in, they were shipped to our forwarder but I am trying to figure out how it exactly is panning out… Sorry :/ GMK Electric and I think GMK Indigo or Nightrunner are up next! VIENDI8l Keyboards are finally now in shipment, we got the packaging we need for these beasts. Should be majority done this coming week. Switches, and more… Cherry Mx2A should follow up soon, we have restocks on some cool switches coming soon and one new switch as well as a few new AKKO Switches like V3 Cream and Piano Box switches, Piano switches have been a big hit so far! Akko DE Boards are coming in shortly! QK75 Knobs and all that are now to be done shipping, extras coming up (plates for example) and then we have closed off the stock QK75 order chapter, WARRANTY CASES are to still be processed, this will take time sadly, I can not influence this. QK80 Extras are being processed shortly, those have arrived. CUB65 Extras are being processed also shortly (probably week on top) QK60 R2 Warranty cases are being processed too KeyRelic Artisans for TB are being shipped now Thank you for the patience ❤️ I will be working through out the week even though I am away but shipments will continue as normal unless its very very specific replacements which require my hand as our inventory guy is not such a wizard at keyboards that he can figure out a JST cable paired with 2x3M screws and 3204 lubricant, these will always be processed by me to make sure we 100% send at our collective best ability.

Updates this week! (16.08.2023)

15. 8. 2023

Hey all! I hope you are well, I just returned from Poland / Czech from a little 2 day excursion, I sadly can not allow myself more free time as we are busy bees and go to serve you all! I will be back tomorrow working alone and our inventory guy will be out and about for a week or two on holiday still. James was a champ and worked through yesterday and GMK Relegendables and helped with some labels. Here is the news as I have it for the coming 3 workdays: Keychron re-stock has arrived! Check out built boards and more. Gateron Beer Switch and Oil King has arrived! We have Vior processing now PBTFans Spark R2 is going up live for pre-orders now! Should be delivered in a week and a half max. PARAGON Extras are still available QK75 Components that has been a live topic in the QK75 Chat are still being shipped, sorry about that, it is my responsibility to give everyone here work and as we had warranty cases to clear and since its a bit of a process getting these out I have had to prioritise the right things at the right times to make sure everyone is happy, the few left of extras will be catered to this week, I promise QK80 AIR; FEDEX has still confirmed boxes are missing, I ahve gathered a list of which orders are missing, we have around 10-15 keyboards that are considered MIA in Belgium by FEDEX, they delivered the rest of the missing boards and we are not sure whether to expect the still missing ones after that. For transparency, the boxes that the keybaords would usually come in were not used, it turned out ot be they repackaged the packaged keyboards with other packaging so it is clear they screwed it up bad. As a result, FEDEX will not longer be used for any AIR shipments, their loss. QK100 is in manufacturing NEO65 is still up for pre-order, get it while you can I can no confirm you will get what you want as we will be buying extras in limited configurations SUMMER SALE , yeah , you heard it! 10% for now and a more coming. Zitres is on holiday, so please respect so until next monday. We had a re-stock on some GMK Avanguardia, last pieces. We have last SUMI pieces in-stock KBD67 Lite boards went on sale! We have a re-stock of JWK incoming We have a AKKO re-stock of DE boards incoming, expect that shortly. QK75 Nice Dream boards are on the way to us, invoices soon JELLY EVOLV RAFFLE, missing a password? write out to as we have a few dropped slots. What is on the way to us? JRIS75, EPBT Dreamscape, EPBT Ping, F*CK Clones Deskmats, and some other small bits and bobs I have information ELECTRIC should be next from GMK, followed then mostly by just small GMK GBs then our backlog is basically cleaned up with GMK and we will be then reconsider how to run the business with GMK post January 2024.

Updates this week! (19/06/2023)

16. 6. 2023

Updates this week! This week will be a peaceful week at the office, turns out not only I will be out for medical reasons (knee to be specific) until friday but James our new guy who is in charge of GBs manage to bang his shoulder up too and we are waiting on results to see how long he cant work. So we will be down to one man and a friend in the inventory, this may slow things so I beg for forgiveness. We will make sure all stock placed orders get prepares today so there is no delay. I will be available from Wednesday onwards, any other issues @zitres will handle. GMK Aegyptus is in shipment now GMK Swiss-Addon is coming after but with delays again, this means Modern Ink will also push back sadly. QK60 R2 Last days are now of the GB QK75 Second batch will ship end of week I am still to get a GLS update I thought it is today. Keychron Restock took place Akko Piano is available and doing well, many of you guys are giving good feedback We are awaiting MW Fuyu with Heresy shortly QK80 Air shipments make their way to land next week Command boards are still to ship we are sorting out some packaging problems I expect a restock of Oil Kings shortly We have still 2 new switches coming! Info soon New website is to be launched after my stay at the hospital, I expect not long after as I will be working away at every opportunity I can GMK Nightrunner R2 is live for a pre-order price A group sale of EPBT things will come this week! From tomorrow onwards there will be a discount code sitewide as an apology for the slowing this week on some process' It will work on most but not all products and will not work on any QK GBs or GBs that are running.