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Neo65 Keyboard Kit (Round 2 Pre-Order)

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- 65% Layout
- brought to you by Qwertykeys
- made by Neo
- hotswap PCBs
- wireless option available
- copper, brass and mirror PVD backweights

- ETA Set for 2024 Q1

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Please note that PVD doesn’t equal to mirror-polished. PVD usually refers to glossy surfaces like the weight on Spring, but it is only a coating technique that applies color, similar to anodization or spray-coating.

Tri-Mode PCB means Bluetooth, 2,4GHz and USB-C connection possible. These boards will come with a battery included. All Tri-Mode PCBs support Hotswap.

ISO is supported with a multilayout PCB that uses a East/West facing sockets.

Single plateless solder builds are sadly not possible at this moment. You can purchase additional Solder PCBs and build it plateless if you want.

Hard ———————————————> Soft:
Carbon Fiber -> Aluminum -> FR4 -> POM -> PC

Clack ———————————————> Thock:
Carbon Fiber -> Aluminum -> FR4 -> POM -> PC

We recomend to take one hard and one soft plate additional so you can fine tune your experience better. So for example Alu in the kit and POM additional or PC and FR4.


  • Typing angle:8 degree
  • Front height:17mm
  • Size:310.35mm x 107.8mm
  • Weight:
    • Before build:0.97kg
    • After build:1.32KG

Content List:

  • Case
    • Including one pre-installed external weight
    • Two 2200 mAh batteries will be installed inside of the bottom case for orders with Tri-mode PCBs
    • Orders with wired PCBs will receive fillers for the battery compartments
  • PCB Kit
    • PCB of your choice
    • 1x PE sheet
    • 1x PCB Foam
    • Standoffs
    • Tri-mode PCB comes with a 2.4Ghz dongle
  • Plate of Your Choice
  • Poron Case Foam
  • Daughterboard - installed
  • Silicone Gaskets
  • O-ring (50 duro) x 1
  • Rubber feet in grey and black
  • Weight screws in silver and black
  • Daughterboard FPC cable
  • Free Gifts (Not covered by warranty):
    • Keyboard carrying case
    • 1x Hex screwdriver
    • 1x Philip screwdriver
    • 1x Keycap & Switch puller
    • 1 set of 65% clip-in NeoStab
    • Coiled USB-C cable
Category Mechanical keyboards , Kits
Brand Other
Keyboard Size 69%
Colors White , Black , Grey , Blue

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