Is sleep overated?

Why can’t I sleep?

     For me, this was gradual. I slowly went from 6 or 7 hours a night to maybe 1 if I was lucky. I have since learned to practice better sleep hygiene, as the Docs call it. Its simply a routine that gets your body and mind ready for sleep. I allow myself an hour every evening before bed for journal writing and papercrafting.

Sad to say but, my life isnt this beautiful sometimes.

     There are no set plans or ideas. I just simply reflect on my day and plan to have a better day tomorrow. Write down thoughts and ways I can improve. It keeps me on track and lessens my night time anxiety.

     Over the next few weeks I will share some of my creations as well as some tools that has worked for me.

We all make mistakes.

  This card began as a mistake. I was trying a technique that creates a background with the appearance of pre printed paper. The background was stamped with a single heart stamp in several colors. This looked great, the only problem was I adhered it upside down. The tape i used was so sticky that I damaged the paper trying to remove and replace it. Its pretty much hidden but I really can’t use it for my project submission.

The result…. I don’t waste things. I finished up with my new “pawfect friends” stamp set from Mft stamps. It turned out impressive and will be ready for a new home. Most of my projects are mailed off to someone who just needs a smile.